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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What happens when we save (customize) a page using SharePoint designer? When you edit any ghosted page in SharePoint designer and click the save button , SharePoint designer prompts you a message "saving your changes will customize a page from the site definition.Are you sure you want to do this." Once you click Yes ,the entire page content  will stored inside content database..Unghosted and customized both refer to pages that exist entirely in the database, which no longer depend on a file system template.

When you customized a page using SharePoint designer ,two important tables, AllDocs and AllDocStreams updated in content database with page properties.

Let's have a closer look ,how page custimization works from content database viewpoint.

I have created a new publishing site and going to edit nightandday.master page to see all the changes.

When you run above query ,there is one row present in AllDocs table and corresponding to Id column (AllDocs), no entry will be available in AllDocsStream table.

If you customize nightandday.master ,one row will be created ( with Id column reference from AllDocs table ) in AllDocStreams.(I'll come back to this later)

Now copy and paste nightandday.master (just using CTRL + C,CTRL + V ) page in SharePoint designer Master Pages ,a copy of master page with name nightandday_copy(1).master will be created.This time same query reference to both ids in AllDocStreams , will give both the master pages in AllDocs.But note that still there is no result in AllDocStream table for any of the master page.This means that nightandday_copy(1).masteris still uncustomized.

Even after the CheckOut/ChekIn or major/minor version release of nightandday_copy(1).master (without any content change) will not generate any record in AllDocStream table and CustomizedPageStatus property of SPFile will be uncustomized  (SPFile.CustomizedPageStatus ). nightandday_copy(1).master page will be available in master page setting and we can set this as default or custom master page for the site.If this page content is not stored inside database ,so from where it is coming ? This nightandday_copy(1).master page is still referring to fileserver 14 hive nightandday.master page.

Now ,if you edit the page in advance mode and make any change ( even a space addition ) ,during page save ,it will prompt "saving your changes will customize a page from the site definition.Are you sure you want to do this". After saving the page a new will be created in AllDocStream.

The important column in this table is "content".This column stores page content in hexadecimal encoding.You can copy and convert this content column value using any Hex to string converter .You will get your page content markup as you can see in designer.


Now this page is customized as per icon and the next time SharePoint will fetch the page markup from content database.Also,if you check the SPFile.CustomizedPageStatus property for nightandday_copy(1).master ,it will be Customized.MOSS 2007 is using similar architecture for Goshting and un-ghosting pages.



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